My new bedding makes me feel like I’m lying on top of a maths text book

fangirl challenge: tv shows [1/5] Teen Wolf

"You know what happens when you only hear one side of the story? You only heard one side of the story."


my photography at the 1975 Manchester Apollo 22-09-14 (manly just of the rectangles but I liked the photos, don’t steal without cred please :3)


"the beatles were the best band to ever live" 

lol …. ok…. one direction though? 

yeah blabla sam pepper explained that those videos apparently were staged but……….. how about the other videos when he handcuffed people and kissing people in public…….. like ok were those staged too or what bc those  also are assaults 



flirtyjade replied to your post: i’m not sure what to think about the 1…

i like indie but this album feels like its going to be boring, up all night is everything

i agree like it’s not gonna be bad but at the same time it just isn’t interesting. it’s like background music or something